Asics Launches New Fitness App


After seven years of testing and research Asics has released their updated MY ASICSapp. The training app brings some of the most popular features of other fitness apps together with new additions developed by Asics for a training program geared towards runners. It was realeased on the iOS platform and is free in the App Store.

The new Asics app is aimed at mixing both real time run tracking and planned out goals and targets. Some of the new features the app will have help to focus the user on how to keep their run going at exactly the pace they are looking for throughout the route, not just at certain markers. It is also meant to be completely customizable to the user instead of a one-size-fits-all training aid.

“With the support of sound running science behind each of the plan recommendations, MY ASICS’ ultimate goal is to provide the tools necessary to help runners achieve their personal goals in a way that remains both adaptable to their schedule and abilities and maintains an underlying focus on injury prevention,” David McNeil, MY ASICS Growth Lead at ASICS Corporation said in a release.

There are numerous additions to the new app, including:

*Create your personalized training plan on the app in under a minute

* Use the new SteadyPace view to get an at­a­glance visual of your pace vs planned pace

* Gain insight into progress over time with split­level data automatically tracked in run logbook

* See your current position and route on a realtime map

* Track your route, total time, lap times, distance, and average pace

* Adjust your pace to maximize performance

* Save your routes and sync your runs with online logbook

* Log runs manually (if runner prefers to run without a device)

* View schedule, phases and upcoming runs

* Facebook and Twitter sharing to share runs and achievements with friends

* Gear logging to track mileage on your shoes and other gear

The training programs can be geared towards almost all of the most popular race distances, including marathon, half marathon, 10 mile, 10K, 5 mile and 5K distances. During the entire training program, users can adjust the plan to fit their schedule. The SteadyPace feature will help runners consistently work to stay on schedule and adjust their goals while out on their run.

For more information and full list of features on the new app, click here.