Arc’teryx Chicago: Safety, Sustainability, & Superior Athleticwear


Arc’teryx Chicago is located in the heart of Bucktown at 1630 N. Damen. Nestled at the corner of the shopping district, this store has quickly become a staple for athletes throughout the city and suburbs.

When Arc’teryx Chicago first opened, they quickly embraced the local community of athletes with a superior in-store shopping experience and high quality, long lasting gear for all types of sport and leisure. “Part of the Arc’teryx culture is to fully embrace the city where it is housed,” explained Chicago store mangers, Chris Davis. And the Bucktown location has done just that, as it has adjusted to the new normal of in-store shopping.

This past March, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the brand to make a big pivot in order to continue that excellent customer support we have all come to depend on. “We are fortunate to have quite a bit of space so we didn’t need to rearrange the layout too much, but we did add quite a few features for shopper and staff safety,” explained Davis.

Like all Chicago retailers, they were forced to close their doors at the onset of the pandemic and the Arc’teryx team quickly put an action plan in place to be able to serve their customers in a safe and efficient manner. The changes they implemented have been so successful that they plan to continue offering different ways to shop even once the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Upon entry to the North Damen storefront, customers are greeted by a clean, spaced-out retail area. The location is one of the larger running stores in Chicago, which allows the racks of clothing to be distributed widely throughout the venue. Additionally, a sanitization station is located at the entry as shoppers begin their Arc’teryx journey.

I have always been a fan of this brand, but they made a lifelong customer out of me when I learned of the safeguards that have been put in place to protect patrons and staff, many at the detriment of the company itself. For example, all clothing pieces brought into the fitting room are placed in a 48-hour quarantine before being returned to the store floor. The same is true for any returns. Obviously this is not the best practice if you are focused on your bottom line, but the company clearly has the health and safety of customers at it’s heart.

“The Bucktown store has evolved to become a hybrid location, carrying current styles as well as past season gear at discounted prices,” noted Community Marketing Manager, Christina Malham. “The past-season offering began last year, and we have chosen to continue this model because it has been so popular with our Chicago guests, especially those who are trying our brand for the first time.”

Pre-covid, the Bucktown location held in-person events such as a live recording of popular running podcast, Ten Junk Miles and sport-specific speaking events. “When it is safe to do so, we plan to return to hosting events for our local athletes,” stated Malham. “In the meantime, we are offering several virtual community events through such as a Local Speaker Series and Mountain Film Festival.”

Additionally, Arc’teryx Chicago implemented a free same-day delivery service for all Chicago residents. Let me say that again…free! For customers outside of the city or those that will be in the area, the store also offers a free curbside pick up. Follow this link to see current inventory and place your order to get outside today!

So we know that the store is safe and offers lots of product pick up and delivery options for those that would prefer to shop that way, but what’s literally in the store this winter???

Arc’teryx Chicago never disappoints with their seasonal offerings for athletes and non-athletes alike. A brand-new product has just launched to fill a void in the athlete’s closet, so to speak. The Beta LT jacket is a lightweight, versatile hard-shell jackets for running, skiing, and everything in between. The company saw a void in their product line which drove them to create this product.

“We knew we were missing a piece in the Beta line that would allow people to go from an athletic event to an everyday activity. The Beta LT is completely redesigned to perform at a high level in sport and transcend to everyday activity,” stated Davis.

This versatile jacket promises to keep you dry and protected through all types of weather. I had the opportunity to try this jacket out during a short run, long run, and speed workout. I selected days where we had snow and rain to test out the strength of this jacket and was not disappointed. My body temperature stayed regulated and I stayed dry…a hard combination to maintain with winter running gear, especially during tough conditions. I was most impressed with the Beta LT Jacket’s performance in freezing rain.

Freezing rain is one of the hardest conditions to run in. Not only is it slick, but the temperature teeters between warm-ish and cold and it’s nearly impossible to dress for, especially on a longer run. I decided to put the Beta LT to the test and set out to run 10 miles during our latest freezing run episode. I wore a base layer, leggings, and the Beta LT jacket. I can’t speak highly enough about the protection this jacket provided. I wasn’t too cold at the beginning or too hot at the end. This in itself is remarkable, given the conditions. I was relatively comfortable throughout and my top half stayed dry. If I wasn’t a believer in Arc’teryx products before, I quickly became one. One of the things that shocked me the most about this jacket was the versatility. Upon returning from my run, I wiped the exterior of the jacket down with a towel and was able to put it back on for my trip to the grocery store. What other jacket would have that super-performance capability in those weather conditions?

This is truly a jacket that you can feel good about investing in this winter. You’ll be able to put on miles through all types of Chicago weather and utilize for your daily activities. It’s one impressive piece to add to your layering system of winter running gear, and on top of that, it will be a great piece for Spring too because it is super lightweight.

The Atom SL Hoody is a tried and true classic for Midwest athletes. The new redesign improves on this iconic hoody, while keeping the same functionality that we all love. This hoody is known for being sweat resistant and lightweight, while offering protection from the outdoor elements. My favorite part of this hoody is that it can be used throughout all seasons and for all types of performance.

I wear this hoody on my speed runs in the winter because it allows for airflow during my high intensity pushes but cuts the chill when I take my rest intervals. This hoody is a must have for our run-walk-run athletes. It helps your body to adjust to the different sessions of work and ensures you won’t overheat or chill.

The Atom SL is an ultralight base layer that Chicagoans will find beneficial to our seasonal flip flops that we know we will experience this winter and spring. Come on, you know it’s going to be 30 degrees and snow in May!

The bottom line is that this is a store that has embraced our city and especially our athletes. You can’t go wrong with Arc’teryx products, especially in our ever-changing weather conditions. If you want to know more about what Arc’teryx is doing in the Chicago community, follow their local IG channel @arcteryxchicago.


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