Anthony Lisinicchia & Kathy Daniels

Anthony Lisinicchia
 2008 March Anthony Lisinichhia
Anthony Lisinicchia is the type of athlete that makes other athletes look bad. His fitness regimen is grueling and his events are borderline insane. Lisinicchia is an endurance cyclist, meaning that he boldly goes were most would rather not go, and he rides longer than most people can sit.
Lisinicchia’s races take him hundreds of miles over the course of a day,  a literal death sentence for most people on the planet. So how does he do it? “I draw my inspiration for riding from the support of my family and friends. Without them, I couldn’t do this,” says Lisinicchia. 
 His work ethic doesn’t hurt his cause either. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” he says. And plan he does. Weeks before his event, Lisinicchia maps out a pace chart, gets his gear in order and makes crew arrangements so that there aren’t any surprises on the trail. 
 His dedication and preparation led to his recent qualification for the famously brutal “Race Across America.” To qualify, Lisinicchia had to complete a 425-mile race in a 24-hour period, a task that very few individuals, regardless of athletic ability, are capable of doing.



Kathy Daniels
 2008 March Kathy Daniels
Running drives Kathy Daniels’ life. She is an accomplished marathoner and shorter distance runner. She has competed in over one hundred races and won or finished near the top of many of them.     
Daniels’ early running career led her down the path of short distance sprints. During those years, Daniels made the conscience decision to never run an event over a mile. “I didn’t see the point. It didn’t seem exciting or fun, I did not like running distances. But as I got older, I found myself running longer distances to stay in-shape during the off-season. It got to the point where I realized how much fun it actually was to just run,” Daniels said. 
Fortunately for her, she stuck to the sport, and in 2001, she started competing in distance races. In less than seven years, Daniels has amassed a mountain of wins and top ten finishes in 5k, 5-mile, 10-mile races and a Boston-qualifying marathon run in 2007. “2007 was a great year for me, I bested my personal record in all of my race distances. I hope that I can continue that trend into 2008.” Daniels said.