6 Reasons to Use Clipless Pedals


Want to improve your cycling training but not sure what you could do differently to become a better cyclist? One simple, yet effective way to completely change your cycling training is by swapping out your pedals (and shoes). Clipless pedals will allow you to truly ride your bike to its optimum potential and allow you to have the best and most efficient cycling experience.

Take a look at these 6 reasons to use clipless pedals:

  1. Efficiency

One of the most important reasons for making the switch over to clipless pedals is the fact that your cycling will be much more efficient overall. Each pedal stroke will feel more powerful and you will feel like you and your bike are riding as one cohesive, efficient unit.

  1. Speed

A more efficient ride means you’ll be able to produce higher output. If you’re cycling at a higher output, you’ll see your overall speed increase as you continue through your training.

  1. Comfort

Cycling with clipless pedals allows quite a comfortable ride overall. You won’t have to worry about strapping your sneakers in toe cages and you’ll feel a greater sense of comfort with choosing the best cycling shoes for your needs.

  1. Control

With a clipless pedal system, you’ll feel more in control of your ride. The connection between shoe and pedal will feel seamless and you’ll notice a difference in control with each pedal stroke.

  1. Confidence

With an increase in comfort, control, and speed you will ultimately have more confidence going into your ride. While using a clipless pedal system can take some getting used to, it will become second nature to your ride and you’ll feel more confident with each ride.

  1. Freedom

One of the perks of using a clipless pedal system is the ability to slightly move your foot as you ride. Instead of your feet being stuck in one straight position, adjusting the float in your pedals will give you freedom in your pedal stroke while still feeling secure during your ride.

If you’re looking to take your cycling to the next level, give clipless pedals a try. While they can be a bit different to use initially, you’ll learn to love them and their benefits. A clipless pedal system will allow you to have a more efficient and comfortable ride, and ultimately make you a better cyclist.

Looking for more ways to improve your cycling experience and increase output potential? Contact me today! for more cycling tips!

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Coach MJ


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