5 Functional Fitness Moves


Want to become a better triathlete? You’ll need to do more to train than run, swim, and bike. In order to become a stronger and faster triathlete, you’ll need to incorporate functional fitness moves into your training regimen. Adding these exercises to your typical training routine will build your muscles and help you to become overall a stronger athlete when it comes time to hit the pavement or water.

Take a look at these 5 functional fitness moves that will build you to become a stronger triathlete:


  1. Squats


How to: Stand with legs shoulder width apart with a neutral spine. Keep your weight over your heels and slowly lower your bottom towards the floor as if you’re sitting in a chair. Once knees are parallel to the floor, slowly and in control stand straight up.


Works: Glutes and Quads which help power legs during cycling and running.


  1. Deadlifts


How to: Grab free weights or a weighted bar. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Grip the bar or weights while keeping your spine in a neutral position. Maintain a flat back as you slowly stand up with weight in hands. Once upright, slowly lower weights back down while keeping a neutral spine.


Works: Quadriceps and Hamstrings which will help power your through your run and cycling.


  1. Lunges


How to: Stand with legs together. Slowly step back with one leg, far enough to lower the same knee to the ground. Once your knee is hovering over ground, stand straight up and continue to alternate between legs. You can add a weight to this exercise as well.


Works: Abductors and glutes which will help create a stronger core and powerful legs during racing.


  1. Bench Press


How to: Lay on a bench with hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Grab the weighted bar and slowly lower the bar to hover just over your chest. Push the bar back up and repeat.


Works: Shoulders, chest, arms which help provide a more powerful stroke during swim.


  1. Dumbbell Pullover


How to: Lay with your back on a bench. Grab a medium to heavy weight dumbbell between both hands. Extend your arms straight towards the ceiling and slowly lower the dumbbell over your head until arms are fully extended. Slowly bring the dumbbell up overhead until arms are straight again.


Works: Shoulders, chest, arms which help provide a more powerful stroke during swim.


Many triathletes sacrifice strength training in favor of additional swim, bike or run sessions. However, a well-executed strength-training program can allow you to improve performance while will ultimately deliver better race-day results.


Looking for more ways to create a better triathlon training program? Contact me today for additional training plan tips!


Train Right, Tri Right!

Coach MJ




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