10 Ways to Become a Faster Runner


If you want to improve your running, the best way to do that is with consistent training. The more miles you run and the harder you work, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get faster. Unfortunately, many runners are impatient and the thought of waiting weeks or months to see improvement can be discouraging. Luckily, there are some things you can do right now to become a faster runner:

  1. Perfect your form. This is the key to good (and fast) running; you need to practice and perfect proper running technique.
  2. Try interval training. Switch between low and high intensity while you workout to build endurance and speed. Doing short sprints can easily improve your acceleration technique.
  3. Warming up prevents injury and prepares the body to run faster. A good warm up should include about 10 minutes of easy running followed by several minutes of dynamic stretching. Be sure to also stretch every day so you become more flexible for longer, faster strides. You could also try yoga to help with your flexibility to help you get faster.
  4. Get the right shoes. Get evaluated and fit for the proper running shoe for your gait. This will prevent injury.  You can try a lighter weight shoe to see if it gives you more energy for a fast paced run. Regardless, mix it up and wear different shoes on each run.  They will last longer and you can see which shoe helps you run faster.
  5. Strengthen your core. Fifteen minutes of core work several times a week will be enough to help you speed up.
  6. Add another day of running. Simply running more will help you improve your speed. You don’t have to be running 6 days a week, but start by adding an extra day of running, no matter how short the run is.
  7. Run hard on short runs and easy on long runs. Majority of athletes run the same pace for every run.  The key to gaining run speed is to change speeds.  The biggest mistake to avoid is running to fast on long runs and running too slow on shorter runs.
  8. Get more sleep. Your body needs time to recover, repair cells and rebuild muscle fibers. Well rested runners have faster miles and better reaction times. As an added benefit, the faster you run, the more time you have to relax (and sleep).
  9. Strength train. The stronger and leaner your muscles are, the faster you’ll get to the finish line.  Two short strength training sessions per week are all you need.
  10. Build mountain climbers into your routine. The combination of moving your feet quickly while holding the plank position (which builds your core) will help increase your speed dramatically.

If you need some help in structuring this run training and learning exactly how to increase your speed, please contact me.  I can help set you up for a fast, successful race!

Train Right, Tri Right!

Coach MJ


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