Tuesday Reviews-Day: Lululemon Run for Cold Jacket


Up until recently, I was very low-maintenance when it came to workout clothes; I’d go to Old Navy or Target, find one item that I liked, buy it in several different colors and call it a day. I never understood why people spent so much money on clothes they were just going to sweat in, and I always thought putting more money towards good athletic shoes was more practical.

Then, Lululemon sent me a free outfit for our Holiday Gift Guide, and my whole world was changed.

In the box was a pair of tights (which you can read about in our Gift Guide) and the Run for Cold Jacket. Typically, I run in a t-shirt or sweatshirt when it’s a little colder, so I didn’t think I’d get much use out of the coat, but when I fell in love with the Lululemon tights, I thought the jacket might be just as amazing.

Amazing is an understatement.

When I realized the weather was going to be chilly and windy on Sunday for the Hot Chocolate 15K, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try the jacket. I wore a tech t-shirt underneath the jacket, and hoped I wouldn’t be cold when I stepped out into the 45-degree weather at 6 a.m.

Me wearing the Run for Cold jacket on Sunday
Me wearing the Run for Cold jacket on Sunday.

The first thing I noticed about the jacket is the fit; it is relaxed yet form-fitting to keep warmth in, but not too constricting to make it uncomfortable. Typically, I have a problem finding jackets with long enough arms because I am a little on the gangly side, but this jacket is the perfect length in both the arms and torso. Plus, I’m a sucker for thumbholes, which the Run for Cold Jacket also has.

The material is moisture wicking and waterproof, which I noticed when it started drizzling while I was waiting in the start corral. Although it wasn’t raining hard, I could actually see the droplets bouncing off the coat, and I never once felt wet. The insulation almost feels like the stuff a down comforter is padded with, making it the most comfortable and warm light-weight jacket I’ve ever owned.

Sunday’s weather was absolutely perfect for a jacket of this sorts, but once I started running through lower Wacker Drive, which was probably 10-degrees warmer than the outside temperature, the inevitable sweating began. I was nervous I was going to be overheating for the next seven miles, or have to endure the obnoxious “tied-jacket-around-waist” look. However, as the tag on the coat says, the breathability of the jacket keeps the wearer warm in cool temperatures while releasing body heat through little holes to help cool them down. Although the holes are tiny and scarce, I never wanted to take the jacket off because I was hot.

There were a few times I unzipped the jacket just to let some more cool air in, and instantly I would feel the effects from the headwind; the jacket flew back, and it was harder for me to maintain the same pace. As soon as I zipped the jacket back up though, the “versatile windbreaker” did its job.

Aside from its functionality, the Run for Cold jacket is also really cute! As I mentioned before, it’s slightly form fitting, and because it’s lightweight, you don’t look like a stuffed marshmallow (even though I felt like one when I left the Hot Chocolate race).

Overall, I highly recommend this jacket for all runners – I feel as though it will become my best friend as the Chicago winter sets in, and I lose motivation to run outside. The only downfall with the Run for Cold Jacket, and honestly, all Lululemon products, is the steep prices; tights can be anywhere from $80 to $120, and jackets are all over the $100 mark. But, if you can afford to splurge, I promise it’s a purchase you won’t regret because not only will you look like a million bucks, but you’ll feel like you can run a million miles.

Lululemon’s Run for Cold Jacket is brand new, and is set to be released this week.

Overall rating: 5 stars


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