I’m not going to lie, this job has made me a spoiled brat when it comes to running gear – I’ve gotten so many cool things to try out, and now feel like I can’t go on a run without the latest and greatest. One of the best, and now most crucial products I’ve gotten, are the Powerbeats3 headphones.

Powerbeats are a product of the Beats by Dre headphone company, which Apple now owns, so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with these as soon as I tried them because I’m a sucker for all things Apple. As the third edition, these earphones are really anything a runner could ever want; they’re wireless with a long battery and a great sound, making every run enjoyable.

I first jumped on the Bluetooth headphone bandwagon when I tried out RunPhones – not having my phone strapped on my arm with chords dangling in front of me was like a whole new world, and I don’t think I could ever go back. While I love RunPhones, and still use them frequently, I know I’d be too hot in the summer with them, so I wanted to see what else was out there.

When I came across Powerbeats, I was a little skeptical; I’ve never liked the “in-ear” style of headphones, because it always seemed to muffle my surroundings too much, and frankly, was uncomfortable for me. However, I’ve had headphones in the past with the ear hook, which I loved because I think I have a weird shaped ear and regular headphones always fall out. I read the reviews and everyone raved about the comfort and sound, so I thought I’d give it a go.

When my fancy red and black headphones arrived (just one of the five awesome colors), I totally geeked out and hooked them up to my phone right away. I was surprised with how quickly the setup process was, because usually Apple products are a little tedious to configure. All I had to do was connect to the Bluetooth on my phone, and charge them, which was done in under an hour, awesome!

On its website, it says that the battery lasts for 15 hours; since I’ve gotten the headphones, I’ve used them probably nine or 10 times for about an hour each, and when I checked the battery before my workout yesterday, it said the battery still had five and a half hours left. Charging headphones is not something I’m used to doing, so I’m glad they really do last a long time, otherwise I’d probably have a lot of music-less runs. Plus, the website says that just a five-minute charge will give the headphones an additional hour of usage even on low battery.

I’m actually very surprised at how comfortable these are too, despite the in-ear style. In fact, the headphones came with six different bud sizes, to change the foam piece on the end depending on your ear shape and size. I chose the smallest one so it’s not taking up my entire ear, and it’s snug yet not annoying. The cable management clip allows the user to adjust the length of the chords, and helps keep the earphones in place while running, allowing them to be totally hands free.

As for the sound, it really is the best sounding-headphones I’ve ever had. It’s clear and loud if you turn up the volume all the way, but even then you can still hear things around you, which is really important for solo runners.

“Dual-driver acoustics deliver a robust, wide range of sound with dynamic highs and powerful lows,” the Beats by Dre website says.

Powerbeats3 are also sweat and water resistant, and with the Bluetooth accessibility, you can take calls and use Siri with the volume button. So, if you have a tight schedule, you can run AND work at the same time!

Two minor downsides: it tends to drain my phone battery with the Bluetooth; I think a lot of this is because I also have an Apple Watch hooked up so a lot of power is being used in general, and my phone is old, but twice I’ve had my phone die on a run and had to finish in silence – it was tragic. Also, at $199.95, Powerbeats3 are really expensive for a pair of headphones, but like all other products, you get what you pay for, and I expect to have these for a really long time.


  1. Great article Holly… maybe you could try hooking them up and listen to your music through your Apple Watch rather than your phone during your runs.. it can hold about 2GB of music itself and may be better equipped to last a little longer if your phone is older and your runs are shorter than 2-3 hours.. Of course that would mean making sure your watch is fully charged also before you head out… 1st world problems right??

    • Hey Ty, thanks! I’ve actually been meaning to do that, I just have to get some music on my watch first since I usually just use Spotify for music. But that may be one of my weekend projects because I think it would definitely help – thanks for the tip!


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