Tuesday Reviews-day: CoreSport Shirt

The more you sweat, the cooler you are with CoreSport workout clothes, made of moisture-activated cooling and calorie burning fabrics.

With recent temperature’s being below zero, I haven’t gotten outside too much to run and have been doing my workouts at my local gym. Typically, my gym has a constant, cool air flowing throughout, but sometimes the dance studios where most of the classes are held get really hot. Going in after a hot yoga class when it hasn’t quite cooled down results in a very sweaty strength session for me.

Being said, I am always looking for sweat-wicking clothing to wear to the gym, and for super-hot runs in the summer too. When I heard about the CoreSport campaign, I knew I had to try the line out.

CoreSport workout clothes includes both shirts and shorts made of moisture-activated cooling and calorie burning fabrics; basically, the shirt is made to help cool you down during a workout. Specifically, a heat capacity yarn is used, along with special fiber, to absorb precipitation and moisture, which then evaporates quickly. The clothes are at least eight degrees Fahrenheit cooler than conventional clothes, and stay drier.

The back of the shirt is made of mesh, which increases the skin’s contact of air. “This feature allows for faster sweat evaporation, keeping you cooler while active,” according to CoreSport’s Kickstarter campaign. “At the same time, the accelerated airflow increases metabolism and, when mixed with the zinc, increases the amount of calories burned.”

When I first put my shirt on, I was really surprised how accurate this felt – my shirt was sitting in my gym bag, inside my office, for eight hours that day, yet it still felt cold! Fit-wise, it seemed pretty true to size, and the women’s cut style wasn’t too dramatic as I’ve found many gender-specific tech shirts to be. It felt thick, but not heavy, and was really comfortable.

The first time I tried this shirt I did so for a HIIT class, and as the title suggests, it’s high intensity, which results in intense sweating. At the end of the 60-minute class, my legs were very sweaty, but I truly felt cool up top – I didn’t even feel like I needed deodorant, thanks to the shirt’s odor-resistant and antibacterial properties.

I wore my CoreSport shirt again a few weeks later, for a dreaded stair master workout. I did this particularly because even though the time exercising was cut in half, I typically sweat the most on the stairs. When I say sweat, I mean literally drip down my body. It’s gross.

But, honestly, CoreSport stopped that. It’s definitely my new stair-master shirt.

Typically, I don’t have a good experience with technical t-shirts, as I simply just prefer to exercise in tank tops so my arms are more free. I’ve also found many tech materials to be itchy and uncomfortable. CoreSport really surpsied me, though, and I honestly wear it immediately after I wash it. Once, I wore it to my moms after a workout, I wasn’t sweaty at all, and she even complemented how nice it felt.

CoreSport comes in t-shirts and shorts, for both men and women in several colors. There are different prices and packages, so check those out, along with more details on how CoroSport is made, on Kickstarter now!

CoreSport Workout Clothes
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