How to Set Your New Year’s Triathlon Resolutions

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Many athletes are great at coming up with New Year’s triathlon resolutions to help them prep for the upcoming year of triathlons.  Everyone gets excited to start their resolutions on January 1, but most of us fall back into our old bad habits or forget about our resolutions by February every year – especially when it comes to exercise.

There is good news for all of you setting triathlon resolutions this New Year; I’ve compiled a list of ways to ensure you stick with your goals this year!  Here are some tips that will help you to succeed:

Set goals 

People who set goals are more likely to actually accomplish those goals than people who don’t.

Make a plan

Once you have your goals determined, then it’s time to develop a plan to achieve them. A step-by-step plan will make it easier to stay on track.

Be persistent 

There are going to be barriers that get in your way that may try to stop your progress, but don’t let them! Persistency is key when trying to accomplish your goals!

Be patient

Always keep the big picture in mind. Accomplishing your resolutions will take time. Nothing happens overnight, so be patient.

Commit to a partner or group

Committing to a regular workout date or time with a partner or group may be just what you need to keep you on track and keep you accountable.

Buy yourself something

Go get yourself something nice; specifically something expensive you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. It will make yourself feel good, help get yourself motivated, and get you excited to workout.

Sign up for a race

Even if your resolution is not to complete a race, having a race date you know you have to work to train for will give you additional motivation to help you stick to your resolutions.

Put it on social media

When you share your resolution with as many people as you can, there’s a better change someone will call you out if you get off track or cheat. It’s easier to give up if you’re the only one who knows that you failed; if hundreds of people know about it, it’s a lot harder to give up.

If your goals for the New Year include doing a triathlon or becoming more physically fit in general, I would be happy to help you. Contact me today so I can help you set your goals, make a plan to accomplish them, help you remain focused along the way, remind you to be patient, and hold you accountable. 2018 will be your best year yet!


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