Schaumburg Turkey Trot


Imagine you’ve just spent the last 2 days with family and friends celebrating the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, stuffing yourself to a level of such discomfort. {I assume this is most of the population on Thanksgiving weekend.} Turkey and vegetable casseroles and mashed potatoes and OH! the gravy! Perhaps you’re looking to burn a few extra calories after the holiday has passed?

The Schaumburg Turkey Trot offers just that option! The race is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, giving you the chance to get back into town if you traveled afar for the holiday. The race also offers a few distances, a 5K and a half marathon (for those looking to burn extra calories and test your fitness going into the off season).

The logistics of this race are a bit tricky, and involve paying attention to all of those pre-race emails to make sure you don’t miss a beat. All Community Events does a great job keeping you informed! The race takes place is Busse Woods of Schaumburg and offers a point to point course, starting and ending in separate locations. Since the area of Schaumburg is quite busy and has limited parking within Busse Woods, local parking garages are used for athletes to park and shuttle buses transport athletes to and from the start/finish area.

This year, the rain and wind were obstacles that had to be planned for. Runners bundled in layers and made sure to get as much warmup time in as possible. (If you’re moving, you’re warm!) Within the corals, runners lined up according to pace. Once the gun went off, it was apparent that the “bottleneck” at the start was slowing everyone down. However, it was a blessing in disguise! The bottleneck only allowed 3-4 runners to cross the starting line at a time, but it kept the path much less congested throughout the entire race.

Once you cross the starting line, you run on the path of Busse Woods the entire time, enjoying all the rolling hills you never knew Schaumburg had to offer! Don’t plan on a flat and super-fast day here, plan to put in some work if you want to be speedy! Aid stations were stocked with water and Gatorade, handed out by Angels (volunteers) sent from Heaven all bundled up head to toe trying to protect themselves from the elements and cold liquids flying through the air as runners snagged cup after cup. Volunteers can seriously make or break a race… and considering the 35-degree day, 20+ mph winds, and nasty, annoying, misty rain that greeted us mile after mile, these volunteers deserve special mention!
Once you reach the finish line, you’re immediately greeted by more volunteers handing out FRESH, HOT, CINNAMON ROLLS! (A new addition from years past!) Warm and gooey, they hit the spot and warm your soul on such a bitter day. Once you get home and cleaned up after a toasty shower, you’re able to toss on your hoodie given out by the race (no T-shirts here, fancy race swag!) and keep warm all day long.

So, if you’re looking for an extra workout on a popular holiday weekend, look no further than the Schaumburg Turkey Trot! But be prepared to bundle up and fight some of the elements, you never know what Chicago-land weather has to offer this time of year!


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