Runner’s High Ride N Tie


The Runner’s High Ride N Tie returned to Busse Woods this weekend, much to the delight of many of the participants that longed to see the team-oriented race brought back after a brief hiatus.

There were 5 mile and 10 mile distance options. The logistics of the race are pretty straightforward*; there are teams of two, one partner bikes and the other partner runs, switching off as often as they like. The bike riding partner got to start first, for safety reasons, biking down the path and dropping his or her bike at the team’s predetermined drop location. After dropping the bike, that partner continued down the path, but was now running.

The second partner ran to the bike, picked it up and biked down the path. When passed their partner, they yelled some words of – let’s say – encouragement. This person then dropped the bike at a second location, and then the process repeated itself to the finish line. The two partners were required to cross the finish line together, one running and one on the bike.

*Many teams had come up with a strategy on where to drop their bikes ahead of time; however, racers are warned that even the best laid plans are thrown out the window shortly after the race starts. 

What makes this race interesting, aside from the format, is that you never really know your place until the end of the race. Since most of the teams dropped their bikes at different locations, a rider that took a longer bike could be ahead of everyone else, only to see themselves passed up by other teams while they ran. Strategy and communication between the teammates was crucial.

The post-race feast made the aches and pains from the cool temps and constant switching between disciplines worth it. Athletes were treated to warm, pulled pork sandwiches and baked mac ‘n cheese, along with plenty of high fives.

The Runner’s High Ride N Tie is a great opportunity for friends to team up and participate together. It allows runners that are friends that may not necessarily be the same speed but still want to work together, see each other several times over the course of the race. Let’s hear it for teamwork!


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