RearViz Releases First Arm-Mounted Cycling Mirror


Ever struggle to keep a close eye on all of your surroundings while cruising on your bike? Now, cyclists can use the world’s first fully adjustable, arm-mounted rearview mirror to be alert at all times.

RearViz’s Sports ST-35 is lightweight and adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit. The mirror features a high quality, perforated armband for enhanced breathability and comfort to stick during the long rides, and the one-size-fits-all feature guarantees riders will not have to make constant readjustments.

All angles are accounted for too with the RearViz; it rotates 360 degrees and pivots 180 degrees, and will not bounce on bumpy rides.

“RearViz helps you see clearly behind, so you won’t lose sight of what’s ahead,” a press release for the mirror states.

The new product is weatherproof and water-resistant to accommodate all conditions. Six interchangeable base
color combinations are available: green, blue, red, yellow, pink and black. RearViz’s Sports ST-35 costs
$33.95 on

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