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If you have recently run in any small-to-midsize races in the Chicagoland area, chances are good that your race was timed by Race Time, Inc. As the Midwest’s premier one-stop race management and timing company, Race Time is actively involved in several hundred races each year.

Race Time was founded 20 years ago by event planner and running enthusiast, Julie Pearson, after a chance meeting with the owner of a local timing company who was looking for an opportunity to retire. Julie jumped at the chance to apply her experience and passion to this new endeavor and managed to time 25 races in her first year, including her very first 5K/10K race held in Lake In The Hills, IL.

Race Time has steadily grown over the past two decades. After having run Race Time single-handedly for many years, Julie met Carl Meyer while serving on the local school board. In Carl, Julie not only found a life partner, but also a partner for her business. These days, Julie handles all management and timing aspects of Race Time events, while Carl handles the logistics. Coupling Julie and Carl’s experience with that of their eight seasoned crews, with thousands of races collectively under their belts, Race Time has never before been stronger or better managed.

In 2019, Race Time successfully timed over 400 events in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In addition to timing standard road races, Race Time is also known for timing Cross-Country meets, stair climbing events, and even Cross-Country Ski and Snow Shoe Races (when weather permits). Five years ago, Julie recognized the growing need amongst Race Directors for more overall race management services in the timing industry and branched out to include full-spectrum race management options to ensure that each event Race Time touches will run smoothly, from setting up registration resources online and designing or managing the course to logistics, accurate timing, staffing, and clean up following the race.

Additionally, Race Time is well-known for their Annual Race Director Seminar, which offers in-depth information and resources to Race Directors who aspire to take on the task of managing more aspects of their organization’s races independently. Seminar participants interact with a range of veteran industry experts and gain valuable insights on all the moving pieces that come together to develop a successful race.

As you prepare to run your next race, keep an eye out for Julie, Carl, and one of their crews – if your event is being managed by Race Time, you can rest assured that it will be a well-organized, accurately-timed, and expertly-run race. Of course, the only thing Race Time can’t do is run the race for you – that’s on you.

***Article written in collaboration with Julie Pearson and Stacey Anderson

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Lynn began running after he had turned 40 and took inventory of his life and discovered he was overweight at 240 pounds and heading toward obesity and diabetes. He decided to join Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) and take on the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon in 2000. Lynn now has run 28 marathons with 16 of them being the Chicago Marathon. Additionally, Lynn began a quest to run at least one race every weekend and now runs an average of 50 races a year. Currently Lynn is on a quest to complete the world major marathons which he will complete with the Tokyo Marathon in 2020. Lynn is currently the Controller of Freedman Seating a Chicago manufacturer of transportation seating, a family owned business since 1894.


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