Race Recap: Together We Tri Indoor Triathlon

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Together We Tri, a Glenview based triathlon company, hosted its Spring Indoor Tri at Glenview Park Center this past weekend. Indoor triathlons provide beginners with a great opportunity to race in a low-stress environment or and seasoned triathletes with the chance to gauge their fitness. As a timed race, one athlete could go twice as far as another but with all participants transitioning at the same time, no one finishes last.

The race consisted of a 10-minute swim, 10-minute transition, 20-minute bike, five-minute transition and 15-minute run. The sold-out race had 12 participants in each wave with over 125 participants total. Enthusiastic volunteers cheered and served as lane counters on the swim and run. The bike was measured by average watts using Glenview Park Center’s spin bikes. Unlike many other indoor tris, the run portion took place on an indoor track that broke up the monotony of the usual treadmill run. Participants started at different points around the track to avoid congestion and with only 12 runners on the track at once, it allowed all levels to race together with no issue. After the race, participants mingled in the post-race area filled with local supporting vendors, ongoing raffles and a nice spread of breakfast foods.

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Nicole once thought that the timed mile in high school was a form of torture. In an ironic turn of events, racing is now part of half her weekends in a given year and would take an early Saturday race over a Friday night out everytime. A self-proclaimed "back of the packer", Nicole loves triathlons and run races with her favorite distances being the half marathon and olympic distance triathlon. She works full time as a health care administrator and lives in Skokie with her husband, son and spoiled dog. You can find her race reports, musing and other random thoughts on her blog.