A Quick Chat with Galen Rupp

The 40th Bank of America Chicago Marathon can’t get here too soon in Galen Rupp’s mind-set.  The 31-year-old is ready for what could be an epic run on the streets of Chicago.  The fast course is perfectly suited for track superstar-turned-marathon runner Rupp, who likes to run fast, very fast. We did manage to catch up with him for a few quick thoughts on what will be going on the morning of Oct. 8.

Chicago Athlete: “What have you learned from 2016 Rio Olympics (third place) and this year’s Boston (second place) as you prepare for Chicago?”

Galen Rupp: “I’ve learned a lot from the past marathons I’ve run, but the biggest thing is the strength that is required to be successful at the marathon. I have adjusted my training so that I do longer runs and more long intervals to get used to the pounding of the marathon, especially the last four-five miles.”

C.A.: “With the ultra-fast field, have you begun working on a race plan?”

G.R.: “(Coach) Alberto (Salazar) and I haven’t really begun talking specific race strategy, but we always like to be prepared for any scenario. I am very excited about the field though and would love for the race to be fast.”

C.A.: “In general, how is the training going, and are you excited to be running Chicago in your fourth 26.2-miler? (He won the 2016 U.S. Marathon Trials before Rio and Boston)”

G.R.: “Training is going great! I had a rough buildup before Boston and my fitness was not where I had hoped for that race, but I am healthy now and training hard. In my buildup to Chicago, my workouts have been going great and I am excited to see the results of my training on race day. The experience I now have in the marathon I think will also help me both in my preparation and during the race. I can’t wait to toe the line and race!”


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