Q&A with Jordan Hasay: New American Female Course Record Holder

Wisconsin Marathon 2020

Jordan Hasay was the first American female finisher at the 40th Annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and third overall female finisher. Jordan Hasay broke Joan Benoit Samuelson’s course record with a time of 2:20:57. 

Q: How are you feeling physically post-race?

A: I’m feeling good! I was just so excited for everything to have gone so well, and it was an honor to race in the city. The rest of that day just being in the town there was a lot of hype around the 40th anniversary, and I was super busy. I flew back home to California Monday, and then everything hit me, I slept a lot. It’s nice to just be home with my family and relax.

Q: How does it feel to not only beat the course record, but to top someone such as Joan Benoit Samuelson?

A: Joan is a wonderful person; she’s been a mentor for me for many years, and I look up to her so much. She’s so humble, and if I could be as good of an ambassador to the sport as she is, that would be an accomplishment in itself. Seeing her at the finish was cool, and I know she was upset about dropping out, but I told her selfishly it gave me motivation knowing she’d greet me at the finish line.

Q: What was your strategy going in? Did you think you were going to place?

A: Well, I ran 2:23 in Boston and I was hoping to PR on the flat course. My coach and I talked about 2:22, and the front group went out at 2:18 pace, so I made a quick and brave decision to stick with that. Luckily I didn’t die too much, and it resulted in a bigger PR than I planned.

I try not to have certain times in my head going in, and honestly I didn’t even look up the course record before. I think when you have a certain time it can be too much pressure, it’s best to just see how you feel that day and go. Obviously I trained to run in the 2:21 – 2:22 range, so I was thankful to be at the bottom end of that.

Q: Were there major differences between your first and second marathon?

A: It was very different. Boston is an out-and-back and hilly, and obviously Chicago is flat. Actually, I was worried about that because I’m more of a hill runner, but it was actually great because I knew it wouldn’t get harder. People talk about that infamous last hill, and I didn’t think it would be bad because I’m used to it, but it was the hardest hill I’ve ever run in my life, it felt like a mountain.

In Chicago, the crowds were so loud it was hard to stay relaxed because they were rows deep for the first few miles. Both marathons had great support thankfully, and obviously whenever a race goes well you always seem to like the experience.

Q: What did you think of Chicago?

A: It was my first time there, and I loved the city. I didn’t get to see too much because I was resting beforehand and busy afterwards, but you get to see a lot throughout the race and all the neighborhoods. Chinatown was really cool.

Q: What are your plans now?

A: I don’t have another planned race right now, I’m going to take a pretty good break and then build up for some half marathons early next year. I think I’m going to stick to just two marathons a year, but I’m not sure which two that will be next year. I’m really excited to process this race and keep going.

Q: Any final thoughts on the Bank of America Chicago Marathon?

A: Thank you to the people, it was a really fun weekend. I was nervous going in but everyone was really kind and I felt really confident because everyone was so encouraging. I hope to be back soon!

Read more about Jordan Hasay and her race history here. Also, find Jordan Hasay’s results, and other results from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in our November/December issue.


  1. Holly,
    Great Q&A with Jordan Hasay who ran an awesome Chicago Marathon. Jordan has a very lengthy and prestigious race resume, which might account for her overlooking the fact that she won “here” once before when she was a national cross country champion in 2004 at the age of 13.

    Results – USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

    12/11/04 – Busse Woods Forest Preserve – Schaumburg, IL

    4 km Run CC Youth Girls
    Name Year Team Finals Points
    1 #2005 Jordan Hasay 91 San Luis Dis 14:19
    2 #1853 Emily Sisson 91 Cornhusker Flyers 14:43 1
    3 #1886 Shelby Buckley 90 Equalizers HS 14:45 2
    4 #1866 Dominique Lockhart 90 DC Red Wings TC 14:46 3
    5 #2017 Rachel Webb 90 Sojourners RC 14:47 4


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