I was scheduled to run 124th Boston Marathon. Like many of Boston Marathoners, it didn’t feel right for me to be home on Patriot’s Monday. But I knew that was the right place to be. As Patriot’s Monday approached, I found myself lost. I know I would still go for a quick recovery run (I ran my 26.2 on April 18, Saturday in my neighborhood ) but I knew its not the same as toeing the line in Hopkinton with amazing runners from all over the world.

Then the idea of encouraging my families and friends to be active and healthy safely in their own neighborhood came to my mind. So I asked friends and family to run a mile or a few and together I sent the goal to reach the total of 124 miles for Boston Strong. I created the Facebook Page group and named Patriot’s Monday 124 miles run for Boston Strong. Within an hour of creating this FB group, my friends and family pledged to run the total of 124 miles by following three simple steps.

1-Run Solo

2-Run On Patriot’s Monday in their own neighborhood

3-Run at least a mile

I changed the group goal to 1240 miles and invited more friends to join the challenge. Within 24 hours, the pledged miles exceeded 1240 miles. I bumped the goal to 2020 miles as group expanded. The night before the challenge, I set the new goal to 2620 miles (at the time I had about the total of 2200 miles committed from everyone)

Over 700 people from all over the U.S and other countries came together on Patriot’s Monday and together we ran over 3600 miles.

I had doctors, nurses, healthcare workers squeezed their run before and after their shift. I had friends who haven’t run for a while laced up their shoes and went for a mile. I had friends who went above their pledged miles.

My Patriot’s Monday 2020 was surely a memorable one. We were more together than ever.


Below is the video.

Here are some photos from friends.


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