On Your Mark Hosts Marathon Training


When Olivia May found out she received an entry in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this year she started asking around to see who would be joining her. She quickly found out it seemed that a large number of runners at On Your Mark Coaching and Training, a gym where she is an instructor, had entries as well. It was then that the group at On Your Mark decided to host their first ever marathon training program.

The 19 week program has their first long run on Saturday, June 7 and is open to anyone who is looking for that added push in their training. May said that the group would be open to the public, and while a membership to On your Mark may be beneficial, it is far from necessary. The program is full spectrum, May said, and not only includes a full list of speed, pacing, and long runs but it also introduces classes and strength workouts that will make the experience more beneficial to the runner.

Every day on the calendar is broken down with suggested workouts and planned events for the group. Some days will just be runs, while others will be combined with workouts. These workouts will be led at the OYM studio in Bucktown. Runners not already signed up with them can purchase monthly or class packages. However, runners who are members of other gyms or wish to work out on their own will get a breakdown of the class and how to keep pace.

May, who will be leading the groups, said she has always loved the atmosphere surrounding the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. She said she hopes the support from both the event and the OYM group will help these runners improve themselves in the long run.

The groups first meeting will be the evening of Friday, May 30 where they will cover the schedule and additional nutrition and supplement programs. However, May said that because of the busy Friday schedule, anyone who wants to take part in the group but can’t attend the meeting can email her at Olivia@oym.com for more details.

May said they expect a diverse group of runners, but all who join should have at least some running history. The first long run will be June 7 at 8am from their Bucktown location and go roughly 6 miles with a total of 20-25 for the first week. As the Saturday long runs get longer, they will begin earlier and earlier in the day. In addition to training, May said the OYM marathon group will have the opportunity to attend other functions like the Disco Dash. They will also be a part of CARA’s Ready to Run 20 Mile, a fully supported 20 mile run three weeks before the marathon.

For more information on OYM or their marathon group, visit onyourmarktraining.com.