New 26.2 Brew for Marathoners Around the Country

Marathon Brewing releases 26.2 Brew, offering runners a new refreshing reward for their hard work that tastes as satisfying as their accomplishments feel.

While a finishers medal is always a rewarding gift at the end of a race, many runners also look forward to sipping a refreshing, complimentary beer at a race’s post-race party in celebration of their accomplishment. For the past seven years, the Boston Marathon has offered Boston 26.2 Brew, a beer made especially for runners, and now the beer is available nationwide.

Brewed with Himayalayn sea salt and coriander, 26.2 Brew is a golden ale with a crist body and refreshing finish, according to a press release. Each can has only 120 calories, 9g carbs and 4.0 percent ABV. 26.2 Brew is available nationwide in stores in six-pack bottles (SRP $9.99), 12-pack slim cans (SRP $16.99–$18.99), 24-oz can (SRP $2.99) and on draft. Prices vary by market.

The beer remains the official beer of the Boston Marathon; other races that have announced they will feature 26.2 Brew are the Wisconsin Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon, the OC Marathon and the Myrtle Beach Marathon.

“As someone who loves beer and running, having the opportunity to brew a beer that helps runners celebrate their hard work was a passion project for me,” says Shelley Smith, Advanced Cicerone and Manager of Research & Product Innovation at The Boston Beer Company.

“Understanding what is important to runners is what made brewing this beer different from what is currently available. While most brewers are stripping flavor to hit a certain calorie mark, we focused on brewing a beer that not only fit what runners were looking for, but also delivered a great taste.”

When developing the beer, Smith worked with elite runners Meb Keflezighi and Desiree Linden to find the best combination of taste and ingredients.

“I’ve run my fair share of marathons over the years, and there are countless finish lines throughout the training process that deserve a celebration. Anyone who has trained for a marathon – who is dedicated enough to wake up before dawn or face the elements to get their miles in – knows that part of training is running for the reward,” says marathon legend Meb Keflezighi, the only athlete ever to win the New York City Marathon, the Boston Marathon and an Olympic medal. “26.2 Brew celebrates runners’ hard work and achievement with high-quality ingredients and a really great taste.”

“Boston was an incredible experience for me last year, and I can’t wait to return,” says Desiree Linden, two-time Olympian and the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon open division in 33 years. “I’m especially looking forward to celebrating all of the runners post-race with a new 26.2 Brew. Beyond Boston, I’m thrilled to be able to share this beer with other runners and beer lovers across the country for the first time. I know they’ll enjoy it as much as I do.”


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