Monday Morning Mindset: Positive Mind


It is Monday and I am back!

I figure with the Chicago Marathon coming up this weekend we can talk about a few things one can do to support themselves on race day (ANY race day, or big event).

You have done your training. You have made a race plan (hopefully) and set some goals that you are hoping to achieve. The training and habits you have created surrounding your end goal, have supported you well, or been modified to help you to get to the end goal.

Now it’s time for the “mind check”. Sort of like what is often referred to as a “gut check” but for you and your thoughts. Promoting a positive mindset is essential for overall well-being and personal growth. A positive mindset can help you overcome challenges, reduce stress, and improve your overall quality of life.

Many eliminate or rather forget to attend to their mindset beyond recognizing a few details. Then they stress out or ignore the rest.

Here are strategies, some are a bit general to continue to use daily, others more specific to the upcoming event; to promote a positive mindset. Strategies may be more comprehensive for longer range goals. We will plan some of that later!

1. Practice gratitude: Reflect on the things you’re grateful for. This can help shift your focus away from negative thoughts and promote a more positive outlook.

2. Positive self-talk: Pay attention to your inner dialogue and replace self-criticism with self-encouragement.

3. Surround yourself with positivity: Spend time with people who uplift and support you. Positive influences.

4. Your goal has been set at this point, but make sure it is still realistic and achievable or does it need to be modified. This is not to bring you down or question yourself, but more to understand yourself and process any challenges you may have been through to get here or other obstacles.

5. Understand the need for resilience: Understand that setbacks and challenges are a part of life. Instead of dwelling on failures, focus on what you have learned during your process.
6. Limit exposure to negativity: Like obsessing about things you can not control, media. Set some boundaries with people if needed, just until you get through!

7. Help others: Check in with those around you. At the race, share some positive cheer throughout the day. Smile and Have Fun: Sometimes, just smiling can trigger positive emotions. Smile at fellow runners, volunteers, and spectators. Remember, you’re doing something incredible!

8. Create a positive environment: Surround yourself with things that make you happy; music, quotes.

9. Stay relaxed: Or try to!

10. Now…hit the road! Focus on what is in front of you, in the moment, one step at a time!!!

Remember that promoting a positive mindset is an ongoing process that requires effort and self-awareness. It’s normal to have negative thoughts and emotions from time to time, but with practice and the right strategies, you can cultivate a more positive and resilient mindset. Maintaining a positive mindset on marathon day can make a significant difference in your performance and overall enjoyment. Remember that challenges are part of the journey, and a positive attitude can help you overcome them. Best wishes, and enjoy your marathon!


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Terri was not an athlete growing up. Maybe a bit “athletic” and definitely awkward. Now she is not only a runner and triathlete, but a Coach (running + triathlon) as well! She has been a part of the Chicago “sport” community for over 25 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Movement Specialist. Terri runs her own business, Urban Wellness Chicago in the wicker Park neighborhood; and also works with the Northwestern University Athletic Department. She does now consider herself an athlete, and regularly competes in races of multiple distances. Oh and yes, still a bit awkward! Terri is also a Certified Life & Happiness Coach with her own business All You Coaching; with additional focus on performance, life transitions, confidence, and mindset.


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