Moji Updates Offerings

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Moji, the Glenview-based creators of a variety of handheld massaging products that aim to promote recovery and prevent injuries, recently debuted revamped products in both standard and professional lines. While the products resemble Moji’s original offerings, reshaped devices and upgraded technology allow for easier use and transportation, making the products ideal for destination races or as a portable recovery option while traveling.

Moji’s products includes the Curve, a wand-style massager ideal for large muscle groups, the Foot, a small, round massager with a slip-resistant base that can assist with plantar fasciitis pain relief, and the Mini, which fits in the palm of the user’s hand. All three massagers come in standard, which features plastic spheres, and professional, which features stainless steel spheres, models. Users can place professional-line products in the freezer for an ice massage.

You can find Moji products at a variety of local specialty stores or online at