Local Fitness Professional Develops Chicken-Based Supplements

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David Crooch knew there had to be a better way to incorporate protein into an athlete’s diet than eating chicken out of a Tupperware container at the gym. After seeing a trainer do just that at his gym, Crooch began wondering what kind of other options could exist.

“Whey is the golden child of the industry, and soy is second, but both whey and soy are some of the big eight food allergens,” Crooch, who has been involved in the fitness world in a variety of capacities for many years, says. “People either avoid taking protein shakes, suffer through them even though they know they’re going to [experience] negative effects, or take alternatives that just aren’t quite good enough.”

The end results: Osteobroth and Crave Protein, two products designed to provide chicken protein in a convenient way.

Crave Protein fills the chicken void in the protein supplement world. The supplement features spray-dried chicken crushed into a powder that users can mix with cold water to create a shake or warm water to create a chicken soup-flavored protein drink using the chicken soup flavored powder. Crave Protein also comes in a more unexpected flavor: fruit punch.

“It’s done the same way you make soy taste like chocolate,” Crooch says of the fruit punch flavored powder. “We made it as bland as we could and added flavoring.”

Osteobroth builds on bone broth’s recent rise to popularity. Bone broth, which Crooch describes as broth made the way your grandparents made it, comes from a carcass simmered for hours to create a stock. Because it uses a carcass, Crooch says, bone broth pulls protein from cartilage, tendons, bones and collagen to create an ideal protein profile. Osteobroth comes in a shelf-stable, dehydrated powder that can be turned into bone broth with eight ounces of hot water.

“It has a lot of great benefits: healing benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits—it’s a nutrient we kind of stopped eating because very few of us make soup that way,” Crooch says.

To learn more or to purchase Crave Protein, visit www.craveprotein.com, and Osteobroth, visit www.osteobroth.com.