KT Tape to Offer Taping at Abbott Health & Fitness Expo

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KT Tape, an athletic tape designed to provide pain relief and support to muscles, ligaments and tendons, will offer free taping to runners at the Abbott Health & Fitness Expo on Oct. 9 and 10 at booths 290 and 778.

KT Tape has a variety of functions that can assist with many common running ailments, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, runner’s knee, IT band syndrome and shin splints.

“There are different applications for different symptoms or different things you may be dealing with,” Holley DeShaw, a licensed massage therapist and certified kinesiotape practitioner, says. “It’s a tool people can use to help facilitate health and wellness in their body or decrease symptoms.”

KT Tape accomplishes this using different methods specific to the injury or pain at hand, sometimes helping to activate weak muscles while other times providing a lift over an area of pain that can help increase blood flow to the affected space.

“One of the biggest things I hear is a significant decrease in pain almost immediately,” DeShaw says. “When you apply tape to the body, it lifts your skin off the underlying musculature and can take pressure off pain receptors.”

While professionals will provide taping at the Abbott Health & Fitness Expo, athletes can also tape themselves. KT Tape comes pre-cut, eliminating the need to guess at which length would be most appropriate, and its website provides instructional videos that demonstrate proper taping techniques for dozens of ailments.

“Anybody can tape following those directions,” DeShaw says. “They tell you how far to pull for tension, how to apply it and are really thorough in each application. It really makes sense and has a lot of great information as far as educating you on that specific condition. It not only tells you about taping but other things about that condition to promote healing.”

To learn more about KT Tape, including the conditions it can assist, visit www.kttape.com.