How to Stay Motivated During Quarantine


Being in a state of self-quarantine is unlike any other life event we’ve been through. There may have been times where we’ve had to be “stuck at home” due to bad weather, snowy roads, or perhaps a lingering sickness we couldn’t shake. Unlike those circumstances, being quarantined at home due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) means we are physically and mentally stuck at home for ane unknown amount of time.

Whether you began quarantine at the beginning of a triathlon training program or were nearing the finish line in your training, quarantine has thrown a wrench in all current and near future plans to train “as usual” and has even caused races around the world to be cancelled or deferred.

So what can you do to stay motivated during a time where there isn’t a finish line in sight? How can you keep your training on track or at least stay physically and mentally motivated to move your body during a standstill time in the world?

Take a look at these helpful tips for staying motivated during quarantine:

1. Create a Workout Schedule

Whether you’re planning on working out daily or want to stick to training a few times a week until things get back to normal, establish a workout schedule and write it down. Writing down your schedule is just as important and developing a workout schedule. Physically checking off planned workouts will have you feeling awesome and ready to move forward to the next day.

2. Find Your Why

Think back to why you started training in the first place. How did you feel when you stuck to a workout plan and conquered your goals? To keep motivated during quarantine, you truly have to find a “why” even if you have no races on the schedule for the remainder of the year. Perhaps it’s to keep you mentally happy during this trying time or maybe you’re shooting for big goals and want to come out of quarantine and PR at your next race. Whatever your personal reason, use it as your motivation to keep moving forward.

3. Find a Virtual Accountability Partner

While we physically can’t workout with our typical training support team, we can seek virtual teammates. Find someone to help you stay motivated and keep you on track. We are all going through quarantine alone so we all have this mutual feeling of needing someone to be on our virtual team. Reaching out to a friend or two and having each other to rely on can make training alone much easier.

4. Make Small Goals

Right now it’s hard to see the big picture. It’s physically and mentally difficult to process not knowing when things will be “normal” again and we can get back to working out as we always have. If you make smaller goals and work towards them, they will seem more attainable to achieve. Once you conquer those smaller goals, continue to make them bigger when you’re comfortable and before you know it you will be chasing big goals.

Being in a state of quarantine is not only mentally difficult but it also throws a wrench in normal workout routines and race training plans. By creating a schedule, finding your “why”, seeking accountability from a virtual friend, and creating small goals you can keep yourself mentally and physically moving forward. While we can’t see the finish line to this triathlon of quarantine, it’s there. We just have to find new ways to stay motivated. You will come out of this stronger than ever, so train on and stay safe!

Keep in mind it’s not just about aimless training. That will only get you so far. If you really want to rock your goals, you will have a better result when you have some structure and purpose in every workout you do. Want to get started on crushing your goals? Contact me today to get started!

Train Right, Tri Right,
Coach MJ


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