Get Your Workout in No Matter What

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It can be incredibly difficult to find time to train for a race or just stay in shape when you have a busy schedule. Excuses are made, other things are prioritized, and workouts fall to the wayside. If you are really struggling to get your gym time in, you must prioritize working out. Try scheduling it in to your life like an appointment so that it becomes a commitment.

Make it part of your schedule by exercising early in the morning. This way, you finish your workout before anything else so it won’t be on your mind all day. You can also get others involved in your routine. Invite your friends for a run, go for a bike ride with your significant other or go swimming with family. Making dates or hangouts a workout will help you stay committed because the other person is relying on you to be there! You can also find a workout buddy or peer group to hold you accountable.

If work gets in the way of your workout, make working out part of your job. There are tons of resources for workouts you can do at a desk or during a lunch break. You can also use your commute to your advantage by walking, running or biking to and from work.

At home, you can multitask by doing work on the treadmill or elliptical. In addition, you can bring your kids and pets along for your workouts if you are worried about leaving them at home. Most importantly, exercise doesn’t have to take hours and hours! Do circuit training or HIIT workouts – both take half an hour or less and are extremely effective. Even little bits of exercise count: take the stairs, do a five-minute abdominal workout, do 20 minutes of sprints.

No matter what, there is always time for a workout if you put your mind to it. Make it a priority and it will happen.