Exercise Coach Opens First City Location

Wisconsin Marathon 2020

A new fitness studio recently opened its doors in Lincoln Park, but unlike many studios in the area, you won’t find yourself lined up next to a barre, figuring out how to use a Pilates reformer or stretching your legs in downward dog at this establishment.

Exercise Coach, a high tech, computer-based studio, is the brainchild of Bryan Cygan, an experienced health and fitness professional who began Exercise Coach in 2000 in the suburbs. The concept has since expanded nationwide, with locations in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas along with 13 Chicagoland studios.

“Our tech-enabled approach allows us to get people the results they’re looking for with two 20-minute workouts per week,” Cygan says. “Strength and interval technology empowers our coaches to map our client’s strength and then deliver workouts that mirror their capabilities every second of every workout.”

To do this, computerized equipment adapts to each user’s strength. The computer changes resistance based on an individual’s needs, allowing users to have an efficient workout.

“Let’s say you’re doing a set where you’d normally hit a sticking point with a dumbbell or barbell,” Cygan says. “[With our equipment] you don’t hit that sticking point. Our machines know you’re getting fatigued, so the gadget actually allows for you to put forth the effort you have at that moment to put forth. It’s totally adaptive.”

Though Exercise Coach’s offerings work for anyone regardless of current fitness level, the studio particularly aims to reach those who feel they don’t have time to work out or feel nervous about going into a gym.

“Everything we do is coach led,” Cygan says. “We coach people with one-on-one private sessions or with partner-type sessions. It’s smaller than a typical gym so folks are able to walk in without the intimidation of walking through the gym. It’s almost like your own private gym.”

Exercise Coach aims to incorporate technology into health and fitness in a way that goes beyond wearables that simply track information and instead harnesses that power to improve a person’s overall workout and health.

“The types of results are total fitness results,” Cygan says. “People get stronger, build better bones, have a better metabolism and have more energy. It’s a complete solution concentrated into a couple workouts 20 minutes per week.”

To learn more about Exercise Coach and to find the location nearest you, visit its website.