Evanston Masters Swim Meet


Evanston Masters swim team hosted their annual invite on Sunday, January 26, marking the beginning of another Illinois masters swim season. The meet was held at Evanston Township High School, largely known for hosting Illinois High School state meets. The balcony seating on three sides of the pool creates a fun and exciting atmosphere and the warm-down pool helps swimmers recover in-between events.

Swimmers and teams came from all over the Chicagoland area to race and test their fitness. The meet started off with one of the most grueling events, the 400 IM. From there, swimmers raced 12 other events including coed relays throughout the morning. While many swimmers are accustomed to competing, this meet was a great way for newer swimmers, like Robyn Marra from Chicago Swedish Fish, to build their experience. Robyn was competing in her first meet in 35 years and was excited about her result. She offers to other swimmers wanting to try a masters meet, “I got out there, had fun with my teammates, felt the thrill of the race, and can’t wait for my next meet.”

Masters swimming can be a great experience for swimmers and triathletes of all abilities. A coach can offer technical direction and the team environment can help hold you more accountable throughout a workout, plus make it more fun. Many teams pride themselves on the team dynamic and community developed through swimming together. Visit the Illinois Masters Swim Association website (www.ilmsa.com) to find a team in your area.

Meet results:
1st Place – Chicago Swedish Fish
2nd Place – Chicago Smelts
3rd Place – Elgin Blue Waves


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