Editor-in-Training: Finding Balance


Marathon training, up to this point, has not gone quite the way I envisioned, to say the least. Six weeks or so before marathon training began, I had a bit of numbness in my toes while running and last week, I joined the ranks of patellofemoral pain syndrome-stricken runners. After dealing with an injury late in marathon season last year, I had hoped to stay injury free this year, but clearly my body and my ambitions did not see eye to eye.

Regardless, every cloud has a silver lining, and if I had to identify a silver lining in relation to my injuries, I’d have to point to my personal training at Equinox. Not only do my personal training sessions give me an active alternative to high-impact running, but having a trainer to create and supervise a personalized strength training regimen gives me one more opportunity to work on eliminating the weakness and imbalances that made me prone to injury in the first place.

I keep Greg, my trainer, up to date on the various reports I receive from my doctors and physical therapist, and he tailors my weekly personal training sessions to fit my current needs. I needed to work on stability in my right leg, for example, so a couple weeks ago, I spent the majority of my session in bare feet, doing exercises that required me to balance on one leg or the other while Greg monitored my form. Having Greg there to watch me insured that I completed every rep correctly, allowing me to get the most benefit out of each exercise.

In addition to building strength in weak areas, personal training also keeps me from focusing and working on just one part of my body. My sessions involve a fair amount of upper body work, giving my lower half a chance to rest for a moment and allowing me to build strength in all areas of my body, not just in my legs. The more I deal with injury, the more I understand that the body is not a conglomeration of independent parts, but one cohesive unit. By working everything, I will (hopefully!) avoid further injury and make it to the start line of the marathon healthy and ready to run.

Be sure to check back in a couple weeks to see how I’m doing! I hope to have an excellent report here for you all on www.mychiacgoathlete.com.