Demon Dash Indoor Triathlon


DePaul University hosted its third annual Demon Dash Indoor Triathlon.  This triathlon takes place in the Ray Meyer Fitness Center located in the Lincoln Park Campus of DePaul University. It is easily accessible by public transportation & car in the heart of Lincoln Park.

This is a great race to kick start your triathlon race season and benchmark yourself for the race year to come. The race takes place in the pool (which is a 25 meter length pool), the spin studio (with brand new spin bikes) and on the treadmills facing floor to ceiling windows.

Once you walk though the doors of the fitness center you are greeted by the staff and shown to the check in area. From there, they point you to the locker room to store your bag and arrange your gear for your transitions.

The race has fixed time slots per leg to complete as much distance as possible.  The transitions (to get from one area to the next) are also fixed time slots. The race is as follows:

Swim: 10 minutes

Transition 1: 10 minutes

Bike: 30 minutes

Transition 2: 5 minutes

Run: 20 minutes

The race is scheduled in multiple waves with tiered start times and a set number of triathletes per wave. This set up makes for a hassle free spacious race experience.

The race is scheduled early in the morning when the facility doesn’t have heavy use so it makes it easy to get around. The facilities are in good shape and you have access to towels. Race volunteers and judges are on hand during each leg to help answers questions and record distances.

This is a good race for beginners and seasoned triathletes alike. I also noticed some younger triathletes in the making, so if you have children that you would like to get started in triathlon this is a great place to start.

Once you finish your race there is plenty of time and space to do a cool down stretch. Bring a change of clothes so you can take advantage of the showers before you leave. On the way out you go back to the check in table to pick up your race swag; this year it was a cool Camelback water bottle. On your way out you can also grab an assortment of goodies like bagels & cream cheese, protein bars, bananas, orange juice and more.

Overall, it is a fun race, in a nice place, run by a friendly and helpful staff. This is once of those races that is great to spark the rest of the racing year.


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