Dan Fogel & Kristen Heckert

Dan Fogel
 2012 Nov Dec Dan Fogel

For the past 15 years, Dan Fogel has been working towards one goal; running a sub three hour marathon. The Wilmette resident had come close before, running a 3:01 at the 2003 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon and a 3:00:27 at last year’s Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. This year, Fogel started working with a sports chiropractor and training with Jenny Spangler, who completely changed his training program

“Her approach in the marathon is much different than most,” Fogel says. “It’s almost like you throw your watch away and just get a feel fro what it’s supposed to feel like. It’s all about what it feels like.”

Fogel’s 2012 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon started off with his fastest half marathon time, but by the time he hit mile 16 he just wasn’t feeling it. He pushed through and by mile 20 his hard work had paid off. Instad of racing against his goal, Fogel now wanted to see how low he could get and finished with a 2:57:07.

With his long-time goal reached, Fogel now needs to find a new thing to reach for. “I haven’t figured out a goal yet,” he says. “I would like to try a 50K at some point. It’s very weird not to have this overarching thing that’s out there.”

Kristen Heckert
 2012 Nov Dec Kristen Heckert

Although only running in her second marathon, Kristen Heckert was the first Illinois woman to finish at the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. When Heckert starts to run, everything comes together. “Long runs just calm me in general,” Heckert says. “It gets rid of anxiety and stress. At the same time, it’s really challenging to go run and it’s you versus yourself. It’s a really cool internal battle you have.”

Heckert, a 25-year-old math teacher and cross country coach at Plainfield South High School, said she only picks one big race a year. While the Bank of America Chicago Marathon may have been her “big” race, it wasn’t her only successful one. Heckert finished in second place at the Chicago Half Marathon.

The path seems to be even brighter for Heckert who will once again prepare herself to run her marathon in Chicago, but she will also be running in either the Shamrock Shuffle or Illinois Half Marathon. She also said she will take advantage of her position as coach and work o