Cyclist Builds Custom Bicycles

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As a longtime cyclist, Vlad Dolinsky knew about different kind of bicycles, but wanted to dive deeper into the technical side of the industry. After attending the Metal Guru Bicycle Fabrication School in New York, Dolinsky launched his own business, Vlad Cycles, which custom builds every bicycle frame for each customer, using the cyclist’s desires to create a bike that fits his or her unique needs and preferences.

Vlad Cycles builds mountain, road and cyclocross bikes, and Dolinsky isn’t afraid to stray from conventional designs depending on what his customer requests. Recently, Dolinsky built a cyclocross bike with flat handlebars rather than the traditional drop bars.

“The bike was built for a female [who] asked me to build a frame with all these curved features. … The one constraint was she didn’t want to have a drop bar,” Dolinsky says. “She likes a more straight, upward position and wanted to have flat bars. I designed the frame around that geometry.”

Custom bike design doesn’t only apply to handlebars, however. By working directly with those who will ride the bike, Dolinsky can make the entire product ideal for the customer.

“I use a computer-aided design program, and with body measurements from the customer, the program allows me to [tailor] measurements specifically for the person, including their height and length of their arms and things like that,” Dolinsky says. “That’s one of the benefits of going custom: so you can get a custom-fit bike.”

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