Clif Bar Expands Offerings

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CLIF Bar introduced two new products to its lineup this year, giving athletes additional options for on-the-go fueling.

CLIF Organic Energy Food provides endurance sports participants with a savory counterpart to the traditionally sweet fuel. Savory options, including Pizza Margherita and sweet potato with sea salt, include protein and fat to help power athletes competing in events that last two or more hours. For those not tackling long events, CLIF Organic Energy Food also comes in sweet flavors, Banana Beet with Ginger and Banana Beet with Coconut, which are slightly smaller and intended for activities lasting an hour or longer. All flavors come in resealable pouches and feature a pureed-type product easy to digest during activity.

For those looking for a more traditional snack, CLIF Bar also introduced CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars. These bars, available in seven different flavors, include fruits, nuts and, in four instances, dark chocolate chunks to satisfy your craving for something sweet. All bars have 200 or fewer calories and contain no gluten.

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