Chris Sweet & Erin Moffet

Chris Sweet
 2008 Nov Dec Chris Sweet
Bloomington, IL
Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112-miles and finish it off with a 26.2-mile (marathon distance) run to the finish. If that sounds like a good time, then the Ironman is the race for you. Oh, did I mention the 100-degree heat? 

Chris Sweet seems to enjoy pain, that’s the only thing that can explain his willingness to take part in the Ironman Kona, a race that he finished with the second-best Illinois time (finishing right behind our October Athlete of the Month, Steve Johnson).  Sweet finished with a time just under 10 hours (9:58:44). “I trained to finish a half hour faster, that’s what I anticipated. But when I got out there I was happy to finish under 10 hours,” says Sweet. 

The temperature and furious Kona winds caught Sweet a little off guard. “I anticipated it being hard, but it was worse than I anticipated. The harsh winds and heat were consistent all day long.” 

In spite of the harsh conditions adding to an already incredibly hard race, Sweet represented Illinois admirably, a bi-product of his training. “My training for this event has been ongoing for five years. It really was a cumulative effect from my season-to-season training.”



Erin Moffet
 2008 Nov Dec Erin Moffet

Erin Moffet has been breaking tape at the finish line on a consistent basis in Illinois lately. Most recently, she grabbed top honors at the Chicago Distance Classic and the Steamboat Classic in Peoria. Moffet’s latest achievement: first female Illinois finisher at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (2:58:47). What makes this feat even more impressive is the fact that it was her first marathon ever. 

Beating tens of thousands of fellow Chicagoans is pretty darn good marathon debut for this former Depaul University track star. “The marathon was a great experience. The volunteers made it so much better and there was crowd support throughout the race. I had a really good time,” says Moffet.  

So where do you go after such an auspicious marathon? “I want to run Boston and then come back and run Chicago again. I liked the marathon distance. I know that you can’t run too many a year without some negative effects, but I think it might be my new distance,” says Moffet. 

When she’s not running, Moffet is talking about running. Her job as a Saucony rep takes her to events and races where she talks about running and racing virtually non-stop. “Working at Saucony, I’m around running all the time, I’m really lucky that way.”