Chicago Athlete is Thankful For YOU


Chicago sports are always in the limelight; over the years, the different sports teams have had their chance to shine with a division win – the Chicago Cubs’ recent win will be talked about for years to come. But endurance athletes are often overlooked; just because we’re not on TV doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be treated like celebrities too, right? From elite athletes to the back of the pack, runners, cyclists and swimmers alike deserve just as much credit as the Blackhawks and Bulls players.

Unfortunately, aside from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon being broadcasted on television, I don’t think our sport is ever going to be considered on the same level as the major leaguers. So, we at Chicago Athlete thought that Thanksgiving was the perfect time to show our appreciation for endurance athletes.

If we were all sitting around a table filling our plates with delicious Thanksgiving food, after asking Aunt Karen to pass the mashed potatoes, we would say “The one thing we are most thankful for this year (and always) is our readers!” That’s right – no matter what sport is your favorite, if you’re fast or slow, young or old, Chicago Athlete magazine truly wouldn’t be what we are without each and every one of you.

Over nearly 30 years, Chicago Athlete has migrated with the world of journalism; starting as an annual race calendar issue to now being a multi-platform publication, our loyal readers have helped with the smooth transition. Whether you’re a subscriber to our weekly newsletter, an online reader or someone who grabs a copy of our issues at your local running store every month, please know that your five minutes or five hours of following Chicago Athlete is helpful.

The endurance world has also seen major growths over the years, too, and despite race participation going down, we know that runners are still running and cyclists are still cycling, and we will always be here to serve you. We love to see you out at races and hear your feedback in our inboxes or on social media, because like we hope our content makes you a stronger athlete, reader interaction is what makes us stronger.

So, along with being thankful for your family and friends, your job, and everything else in your life, be thankful that you are not only an endurance athlete, but a Chicago Athlete. Because we are definitely thankful that you are one.

If you’re running a Turkey Trot this year, know that you are with nearly one million other runners in the country – what other sport can say that?

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Holly's running career began in high school; after being bummed about not making the volleyball team her sophomore year, she decided to join some of her middle school friends on the cross country team. She also did track in the fall, where the 1600 m race was her niche. Since then, she has run several shorter distance races and two half marathons. Her goal for 2017 is to try a triathlon, and eventually do the Chicago Marathon. She graduated from Illinois State University in May 2016 with a degree in journalism. Working at Chicago Athlete, Holly has been able to explore photography a lot more, which is one of her main hobbies. She enjoys taking photos at endurance races, and is also passionate about nature photography and portraiture.


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