CARA Summer Marathon Training Begins Saturday


Training for a marathon can be tedious, especially if done alone; luckily, Chicago Area Runners Association gets that, and wants to provide you with training resources.

With the focus on fall marathons, particularly the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Oct. 9, CARA hosts an 18-week marathon-training program, which is designed by Runner’s World Contributing Editor Hal Higdon. The program begins June 11, and kicks off with a Super Clinic that hosts running experts who lead informational workshops.

The main attraction of the marathon-training program is the weekend long runs, which are led by the experienced CARA Group Leaders with all paces accommodated. Training guidelines and clinics are also provided by through the program.

All participants will also receive a CARA tech shirt, and free entry into the ninth annual Ready to Run 20 Miler on Sept. 18.

Registration for the program ranges from $80 to $215, depending on previous involvement with CARA. This fee does not include registration for a fall marathon.

CARA’s marathon training program began in 1989, and has helped runners complete the 26.2 mile course of the Chicago Marathon year after year.

“We’ve helped thousands of aspiring marathoners and seasoned veterans make it to the finish line, and we can help you, too,” CARA’s website states.

More information, including registration rates, training maps, tips and more, can be found at

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