Bike Riders Help Fight Cancer


PRESS RELEASE: Freeport, Illinois:  On Saturday, June 28th, cyclists will power their pedals over scenic •roads less travelled’ in the tenth annual Great Northwest Illinois Bike Tour for Cancer (aka Tour for Cancer).

The one-day Tour raises money and awareness for FHN’s Ferguson Cancer Center, which is affiliated with the Carbone Treatment Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


There are no entry fees for this event.  Instead, riders simply give a donation to the Cancer Center before departing on their 20, 30, 75, or 105 mile routes.


All rider contributions flow directly to the Center through the FHN’s Foundation.  Dave Fonda is the Tour’s volunteer director.  “Over the past eight years, we’ve kept expenses to an absolute minimum.  Our riders pretty much support themselves.  We clearly mark the courses and provide cue sheets, and our participants ride on the economy which helps area businesses.”


Cyclists on the 75 and 105-mile courses fill their bottles at an artesian well in Winslow and a winery in Massbach.  In between, most lunch at Stella’s restaurant in downtown Stockton but not before they’ve had an opportunity to climb the formidable •Binkley Bonk.’


Fonda says this 18% knee buckler has approached cult status with bike riders from Robbie Ventura’s Vision Quest Coaching facility in Chicago.  “The Binkley Bonk is one if not the highest public roads in Illinois.”


Should temperatures soar, those who tackle the 75 and 105 routes will be relieved to find two new water stops at the Slurp n Burp in beautiful bucolic downtown Loran and the Owl’s Club on Mill Grove Road.


“Also this year,” according to Fonda, “we’re planning a gala hospitality time the evening of the Tour to showcase the Ferguson Cancer Center thanks to many generous sponsors in our community.”


“We’re featuring craft-brewed beer from our newly established Generations Brewery and pizza from Freeport’s acclaimed Cannova’s Italian Cuisine.  And, we offer a raffle with men’s’ and women’s designer jerseys from DannyShane along with a couple Sella Anatomica leather saddles.”


The Tour for Cancer departs the YMCA of Northwest Illinois in Freeport between 7 and 9 am on Saturday, June 28th.


For more about the Tour and on how to donate to the Ferguson Cancer Center individually and as a team, visit