Meet the Coach

Wisconsin Marathon 2020

Hello Athletes!  The world of triathlon can be overwhelming. Triathlon is a complicated sport dealing with three different sports (swim, bike and run) combined into one. There is a never-ending list of things we need or want to know, so I am putting this column together to help you navigate through the plethora of things surrounding the sport of triathlon.

My name is MJ Gasik and I have been a professional triathlon coach since 2008 and the owner and founder of Tri Right Coaching. In addition to my triathlon racing career, which includes over 100 triathlons and 12 Ironman races (including 2 trips to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI), I have coached athletes from beginners to people who have qualified for worlds and age group nationals. My specialties include swim instruction and coaching first-time Ironman athletes to a successful finish.  Triathlon is my passion and if everyone got out of triathlon what I have (confidence, feeling of empowerment, friendships), the world would be a better place.

When I started participating in triathlons, I learned everything mostly by trial and error; if I tried to search online for answers to my questions in triathlon publications or online, there would literally be dozens of different answers, mostly conflicting, on each and every question. I often ended up more confused than when I started. Trial and error is definitely one way to go. However, you can save time, money and energy when you find someone you can trust who has “been there, done that.” This trusted source can share experiences and opinions. Let me earn your trust and I will be that source to help decrease your trial and error period and help you on your journey toward reaching your goals.

Outside of the triathlon world, I love simply being outdoors, particularly in warm weather.  I’m a huge dog lover and am the proud Mama of an adorable lab/Pitt mix.  I believe in constantly trying to improve upon whatever I am involved in.  I volunteer for a variety of races and organizations and believe in giving back to the community.  I look forward to helping you navigate through your triathlons through this weekly column (check back each Monday), and welcome any questions you have. Feel free to connect with me through any of the social media channels you frequent or email me at [email protected].  

Tri Right,

Coach MJ