Holidays are Epic Training Days

Wisconsin Marathon 2020

Remember when a holiday meant sleeping in, laying around then going to family gatherings or parties?  Well, the family gatherings and parties still happen, but as a triathlete in training, those “sleeping in, laying around” holidays are gone.  For most triathletes, we look forward to the holidays as a day off from work so we can turn that day into an epic training day.

Use the holidays as an excuse to spice up your workout. Here are some creative suggestions:

New Year’s Day: Run an out and back course the number of minutes of the new year (example:  in 2017, run 20:17 out and 20:17 back).

Memorial Day: First open water swim of the season!  Be sure to pack your wetsuit for this one.

Fourth of July: Start the day off with a long bike ride, to celebrate your independence, before heading off to the festivities.

Labor Day: Great day to get in a long run or race leading up to a fall or late-season triathlon or marathon.

Thanksgiving: A local Turkey Trot is a must to burn off some calories before the big Thanksgiving meal.

Christmas Day: Most gyms are closed on Christmas, so this makes it a great day to get out and do a trail run before heading to the family celebration.

This is also great for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for those athletes with small children.  Want to know what is Mom’s favorite gift on Mother’s Day?  Her TIME!  Give her time to get out and complete her brick workout for her upcoming race and you will have a happy Mom for the rest of the day!

What workout are you planning for your next holiday?  Share this article and share with us your next holiday workout – who knows, you might just give another athlete a great workout idea!

Tri Right!

Coach MJ