5 Quick Tips for Triathletes

Polish Independence 10K (729×90)

Triathlon season is not over yet! Below are the top five general tips triathletes should keep in mind at all times of the season:

  1. Focus on quality workouts over quantity.  More doesn’t always equal better.
  2. Work backwards from your race date when planning your workouts and taper.
  3. Turn your weakness into your strength:  Put extra time and effort into your weakest discipline
  4. Use perspective – not every race will be a PR (Personal Record).  Find something you can learn from in each race.
  5. Follow YOUR plan – just because you see someone else doing a particular workout does not mean it is the right thing for you!

If you have any questions or comments, I always welcome them at [email protected].  Train right, TRI RIGHT!

Coach MJ