Beat the Expenses


Racing can get expensive and it can be difficult to justify spending so much money on a hobby. However, you can begin to save up some cash to still race and train with quality gear with the right planning.

Spend money on the right things

  • Focus on free workout and training options. Runs, bike rides, and bodyweight exercises are all great ways to train without the gym and its cost.
  • Swap gear with other athletes or look for used gear. If you absolutely need something new, look in clearance sections of stores or search for discounted prices through websites like Run Gear Guy Coupons and Steep and Cheap.
  • Only splurge on things that are worth it and make a huge difference in your training or racing. Such things would be a good pair of running shoes and socks (having a good fitting shoe can prevent injury and good socks prevent discomfort and blisters).

Save in other areas of your life

  • Use your car less to save money on gas and get a good workout by riding your bike or walking places instead.
  • Cook for yourself – not only is it cheaper, but it’s also healthier.
  • Buy items in bulk for reduced prices.

Sign up – the right way

  • Look local – they tend to be cheaper races, and you will be supporting local companies.
  • Race for charity. It helps them, and you get to race for free in support of a good cause.
  • Plan in advance to take advantage of early bird specials (and buy gear when it’s cheapest, not at the last minute).

Use the race to your advantage

  • Volunteer for races or apply to become a race ambassador in exchange for reduced or free entry.

Train smart

  • Train in groups to split the cost of a trainer, or find free training programs online

It’s hard to get around the high price of races, but with a little effort and some smart choices it will become a lot easier to run that marathon or race that triathlon without too much financial difficulty.