Bank of America Chicago Marathon Registration Partner


After the Bank of America Chicago Marathon announced that they were switching to a lottery entry they have now released who they will be working with for the lottery. For years the marathon major has used for registration, but after last year’s complications many had while signing up many expected a change.

The marathon has announced they will be working with Kimbia Racing Inc, based out of Austin, Texas. Kimbia works with road races across the world including some large events, although this will be the only major marathon event and the biggest of their clients. The Dallas Marathon, IMG Worldwide’s Escape from Alcatraz and the Beijing International Triathlon all use Kimbia as well, in addition to a number of other races.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon will open their lottery on March 5 and remain open until April 7. After registering for the lottery runners will be informed on April 14 if they have received an entry. Runners will also have the opportunity to earn an automatic qualifying time, similar to the Boston Marathon entry process, if they have finished a marathon under a specific gender specific time. There will also be automatic entries given to runners who have completed at least 5 of the last 10 Bank of America Chicago Marathons, international runners and any runner who registers through a designated marathon charity.

For complete information on the registration process, click here.