Bank of America Chicago Marathon Registration Info


The Bank of America Chicago Marathon will close most of their registration on Monday at noon. At that time both the lottery and many of the guaranteed spots will be closed to runners. The only exception will be certain designated charities which will have their registration open until filled and some who will be given post-close spots following the lottery notification.


After a slight delay the lottery has been open for runners for two and a half weeks. This is the first year the marathon has gone to a lottery from the start after a snafu pushed them towards the switch last year. This year, runners have a number of ways to get entry into the field for the October marathon, with options to cover nearly every runner and keep the field a diverse group of talent and age. In addition to the lottery and charity entries, runners who have finished the Bank of America Chicago Marathon five or more times over the last ten years of races (2004-2013) have the opportunity to register with an automatic entry and avoid the lottery. Additionally, runners who have verifiable times of sub 3:15:00 for men and sub 3:45:00 for women since January 1, 2012 can also get a guaranteed entry. However those spots will need to be registered for by noon on Monday.

Runners who enter the lottery will find out their designation one week later on Monday, April 14. At that point there will be an option for joining certain charities that either still have remaining openings or were given additional post-close spots. The charities working with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon fall in to one of three categories, partner, associate and affiliate. The designation of the charity has a direct link to how their registration process will work. Charities that fall under the affiliate tab will need to have all of their runners registered by noon on Monday. While they have the same deadline as the lottery runners, their spots will still be guaranteed. The other two distinctions will have the same process they have had in past years for filling their teams.

For more information or to register for the lottery, click here. For information regarding the classification of the charities, click here.