Bank of America Chicago Marathon Registration Details


The Bank of America Chicago Marathon announced how the registration process will work for the October race. In a release on their website the marathon said that they would be have a lottery registration for the remaining spots after the initial guaranteed spots are taken up. While specific numbers are not available on how many lottery spaces are available, race director Carey Pinkowski said in an email that they expect one half to two thirds of the field to be filled from the lottery.

The new system comes after a glitch in the registration system prevented most people from signing up for the marathon. Eventually they released the registrations in a lottery system. Pinkowski said that after last year it became clear that they needed to provide a more positive registration system, and they believe this to be the way.

“We’re extremely fortunate that the demand to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is at an all-time high,” Pinkowski said in the email. “As a response to that demand, we’ve introduced a new registration process that we feel is fair and equitable for all interested participants.

Registration for the lottery will open March 5 and remain open until April 7. During that time, runners can also apply for one of the guaranteed spots. Those spaces are reserved for charity runners of an official Chicago Marathon charity, international runners, any runner who has completed at least 5 of the last 10 Chicago Marathons or those who meet specific qualifying times. To earn a guaranteed spot men will need a verifiable time under 3:15:00 and women under 3:45:00 any time since January of 2012.

Initial reaction to the new system has been generally positive with most people commenting on the marathon’s social media pages in a complimentary style.

Runners who sign-up for the lottery will be informed on April 14 if they have received a registration. Pinkowski said he is confident that the new format will result in a diverse crowd of runners at varying levels of experience.


For more information on the new registration process, click here.