App Brings Workout Customization to User’s Fingertips


With dozens of fitness apps available, choosing one that best fits your lifestyle can prove difficult. Sworkit, a fitness app from Nexercise, aims to provide users with an app that adapts to their needs.

Sworkit, short for simply work it, features strength, cardio, yoga and stretching routines that Nexercise COO and South Side native Gregory Coleman compares to Spotify.

“We think of a song as analogous to an exercise and a workout as analogous to a playlist,” Coleman says. “You can customize a playlist any way you want, and you can customize a workout any way you want.”

Users open the app, select which type of workout they’d like to complete that day, select how much time they have available for the workout and click begin. From there, the app guides users through exercises, none of which require gym equipment, demonstrating how to perform the exercise through videos and allowing users to skip exercises they find too challenging.

Users can also select from over 200 exercises available in the app’s library to create their own custom workout which they can share with others if they so choose.

“The people who tend to be the most die hard are people who want to be fit but need fitness that’s going to adapt to their lifestyle,” Coleman says. “They have a lot of demands, can’t always make it to the gym or don’t always have the same amount of time every day.”

While the app features bodyweight exercises for the moment, Coleman says it plans to expand to small equipment exercises including kettlebells and dumbbells in the near future and eventually feature more complex gym equipment as well.

Earlier this year, the University of Florida compared 30 popular iPhone fitness apps to activity guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine and found Sworkit Lite ranked the highest out of the apps studied.