Aligned Modern Health Focuses on Unique Treatment


There are two things all athletes hate: injuries that prevent them from competing, and rehab that prevents them from competing. Aligned Modern Health knows this and focuses their treatments not only on correctly helping the body but also getting the athlete back out there as quickly as possible.

“We create a care plan or recommendations that brin people back to the things they love,” co-founder and vice-president of marketing for Aligned Bill Fiely said. “If you like to run along the lakefront but you have runners knee and haven’t been able to, our goal is to figure out how to get you healthy and quickly get back out on the lake. That’s why people come in. For a very tailored, conservative approach.”

For the last four years Aligned has used their love of athletics and sports-medicine with their background in alternative medicine to help athletes of all kinds. After opening their original location in Lakeview on Southport and Addison they have grown to five storefronts across the north and west side of the city (Lakeview, Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park, West Loop, Streeterville). Aligned focuses on a few specific parts of a healthy athletic lifestyle: chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, functional nutrition, physical rehabilitation and small group fitness classes.

While Fiely said this kind of work is important for both healthy and recovering athletes of all kinds, there is an obvious and direct link for runners, especially at this time of the year. Thousands of runners find themselves just a few weeks removed from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, one of the hardest tasks many will have to complete. Between the race itself and the training, a body takes a beating. In addition to the back and neck work that are common for Aligned patients, they also regularly work with runners on IT Band issues, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and a litany of other injuries common in the running world.

“I think running takes a big toll on your body, especially in Chicago,” Fiely said. “You’re running on sidewalks or streets that are all slanted. Your body takes a beating, even the best athletes will need adjustments.”

The connection between running and Aligned goes beyond just a doctor-patient relationship. They have partnered with Fleet Feet Sports on a number of occasions. Individual locations have also worked with gyms and cross-training groups. On top of that, all of the locations are staffed with registered chiropractic doctors and experts. Most, if not all, are also runners. One chiropractor in their west loop location completed this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon and is already training for his next marathon.

What separates Aligned from many other rehabilitation centers is their desire to keep the athlete active as much as possible, Fiely said. To do that, often they bring in athletes who may not be injured but just need help with certain pains or muscle tightness. The deep tissue massage therapists at Aligned are also sports oriented. Because of this they were named the best sports massages in the Midwest by Competitor Magazine.

The experience behind all of Aligned’s employees have helped them become one of the top rated modern health facilities and rehab centers on Yelp. Fiely said this is of great importance to Aligned because of their relationship with their customers. Individual treatment is always at the forefront for them, he said.

“We pride ourselves on treating everyone as unique individuals,” Fiely said. “There are no preordained care packages or minimum visits necessary.”