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Issue Date: May 2011
Endurance Issue, Posted On: 10/13/2011

Kyle Brady & Shannon Ring
May 2011 AOTM
Kyle Brady
After joining his middle school's cross-country team, Brady went on to run at North Central College in Naperville, where he won the 2010 NCAA Division III national championship in the indoor 5,000-meter run and outdoor 10,000-meter run. He was also honored as an NCAA Division III All-American seven times during his collegiate career.

Brady has continued to experience running success after graduation. Recently, he set a new personal record in the 10K with a time of 29:58 at an early track meet at North Central and crossed the finish line at the 2011 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle in 24:07, earning him an impressive third place overall. Next on Brady's schedule? The Palos Half Marathon on May 1 and two North Central Last Chance meets near the end of the month.

Shannon Ring
Shannon Ring was the tenth woman across the finish line in this year's Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle, finishing in 29:07. This finish was just one of several successful races Ring has already put together this year. She was the first female finisher in the John Jantz Memorial 5-Mile S-no-w Fun Run, the Shamrock Shuffle in Madison, Wis. and the Arny Johnson 5K.

Ring considers 10-mile races and half marathons to be both her favorite and best distance. After dealing with injuries during the past couple of years, Ring is happy to be healthy.

"I'm really glad to be running again and feeling okay," she says.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013 3:09:27 PM by Samphel
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