6 Hair Accessories to Help You Feel Cool in the Heat, and Look Even Cooler

Summer is here, and nothing is worse than feeling your hair sticking to your sweaty back or smacking sweat in your face during a run. As part of our July Women’s Issue, we compiled some of the best accessories to keep you ladies cool, while staying stylish on the run.


Not only does the 80’s-era accessory add some style to your running outfit, but it’s much softer on your locks too. When you’re tying your hair back everyday for a run, you can’t afford to keep pulling strands out with a harsh hair tie. Lululemon makes some cute ones for $8.

These sweat-wicking headbands are designed with stretchy fabric to be worn without hurting your head or leaving marks. Plus, there two different sizes and dozens of patterns and colors so you can really mix and match.

While these hats look simple, they are made with Coolmax fabric to allow maximum air flow and moisture during those hot summer runs, and have a terry sweatband inside. They are lightweight, and the black under visor is in place to help reduce glare from the sun.

Another headband style that is known for absorbing mosisture is the Gymwrap HeadWrap, with three layers of fabric that allows heat to escape. Unlike other headbands that slide around or may not fit your head shape, this has a tie in the back, and can be adjusted to any size.

This hair tie is sure to keep your hair in place during any activitiy, and does not pull on your strands due to the hygienic, non-soaking material. It doesn’t leave a mark when taken out, and is good for wet hair too, making it a must-have for swimmers!

If a visor is more your style than a hat, try Saloman. The super light, absorbent visor has holes in the brim to keep weight to a minimum and breathing to a max. Protect your face from the sun, and your body from overheating.

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Holly's running career began in high school; after being bummed about not making the volleyball team her sophomore year, she decided to join some of her middle school friends on the cross country team. She also did track in the fall, where the 1600 m race was her niche. Since then, she has run many distance races, and is going for her first marathon at the 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon this October. She graduated from Illinois State University in May 2016 with a degree in journalism, and is working towards her Master in Arts in New Media and Marketing.


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