5 Workouts Using an Aquabelt


Whether you’re looking for a different type of workout or need an aerobic exercise with less impact, working out with an aerobics belt in water can be a great way to revitalize your motivation and ultimately gain muscle and increase endurance. Research not only shows that athletes who water exercise can burn as much fat as engaging in land-based exercises, but you can also build just as much muscle while working out in water.

To get the most out of your water exercise workout, I recommend starting off with a few “jogging” laps down and back in the water. This will help your body warm up before engaging in aqua belt exercises. Position your body with your head, shoulders, hips and feet vertically aligned. Using a modified running/bicycle motion, coordinate your leg and arm movements as in running. As you jog, try to physically get your body out of the pool. Push yourself forward through the resistance of the water to really get the blood flowing and heart rate up.

Check out these 5 aqua belt exercises to add to your workout routine:

Cross Country Ski
Body is vertically aligned and legs and arms are straight. Scissor legs forward and backward from the hip, leading with your toes. Coordinate the arms and legs as in cross country skiing.

Open & Close
Begin with vertical posture, arms and legs straight and toes pointed down toward the bottom of the pool. Open and close arms and legs by extending straight limbs out to the sides of your body and returning them to the starting position.

Rock Climb
A full-body exercise similar to running except the movement is like climbing a ladder diagonally. Reach forward with one arm into the water and then pull it through past your hip. Bring your opposite knee forward toward your chest and, at the same time, push the other leg straight back until it is fully extended.

Sit Kicks
Sit as if in a straight back chair with your thighs stabilized. Alternating legs, kick out from the knee, then pull your heel back as if trying to kick your buttocks. Try to make the water boil in front of you.

Straight Leg Toe Touch
Body is in a vertical position. Keeping legs straight, bring each leg near the surface and return it to the starting position. Alternating left and right, reach for toes with your opposite arm and bring the other arm behind you like a hurdler. This is a strong movement and is not recommended for people with back pain.

After you’ve finished your workout, be sure to cool down with a few slow laps of light jogging to bring your heart rate back down. Now, it’s time to finish off your aqua belt workout with a proper stretch to avoid muscle tightness and decrease the potential for any future injuries. Be sure to stretch muscles that were worked the most during your workout like your calves, hamstrings, and quads. You can even add a few quick shoulder and neck rolls into your stretching routine to alleviate any upper body tightness from your water workout.
Adding an aqua belt water routine to your workout schedule can benefit your body and overall workout routine in many ways.

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