2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Lottery Entrants Receive Notification


2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Lottery Entrants Receive Notification
Limited Entries Still Available Through Official Charity Teams

CHICAGO – Runners who entered the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon lottery will be notified today of their selection status. This year’s field will be comprised of runners selected through the lottery as well as participants who qualified for one of five guaranteed entry opportunities. Lottery entrants will be informed of their status throughout the day via email. The world-class event will take place on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

“The Bank of America Chicago Marathon draws runners from around the world to Chicago and we’re proud to welcome everyone to our hometown to experience this first-class race,” said Tim Maloney, Bank of America Illinois president. “Chicago is especially vibrant with excitement during race week. We’re honored to host this annual event because of its positive economic impact to the city and to charitable causes, and to ensure everyone touched by the marathon has a great experience.”

Runners selected through the lottery will join those who guaranteed their entry into the race during the six-week lottery entry period. Guaranteed entries included Chicago Marathon legacy finishers, time qualifiers, international tour groups, charity runners and those who deferred their 2014 entries. The 2015 field size is expected to resemble previous years, with approximately 45,000 participants.

“Today marks the start of an exciting journey for many of our runners,” said Carey Pinkowski, Bank of America Chicago Marathon executive race director. “The marathon is a milestone in people’s lives and has also become a fall staple for the running community. We’re thrilled to be a part of that journey, from lacing up their shoes for training runs to celebrating the victory of crossing the finish line in Grant Park.”

Runners who were not selected through the lottery can still register through a limited number of charity entries available through the marathon’s official Charity Program. Since 2002, the Charity Program has generated more than $115 million for local, national, and global causes. More than 70 nonprofit organizations have entries currently available for the 2015 race. Go to chicagomarathon.com/charity for a list of official charities and for information on how to register by joining a charity team.